Taking Off

As the plane flies…

The Travelling Ambivert

Flight takeoffs are fun. The buildings grow smaller and smaller till they are just tiny specks, and then they disappear altogether as we rise above the clouds. The big bird rises up slowly, picks up the pace and rushes headlong into the clouds, leaving your stomach in shambles.

As the flight stabilizes, you see endless waves of clouds just hangin’ in the sky. The horizon feels infinite, stretching on and on with patches of white dotting the brilliant blue canvas. At times, some of them catch the sunlight displaying a stunning yellow hue.

Perks of window seats in early morning flights!!
Photo by Vishnu Prasad on Unsplash

It bursts through the blanket of clouds occasionally and that is when you see it, the endless blue expanse – absolute, infinite and well, sparkling BLUE! Every time this happens, I get a kind of warm fuzzy feeling on the inside…

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The Joy of Trip Planning

The Travelling Ambivert

“The preparation for an event is far more enjoyable than the event itself.”

I know that this is a bold statement to make but bear with me, I can explain.

Have you ever planned for your sibling’s wedding? Remember how all the cousins got together, decorating, running around and organizing all those pre-wedding entertainers? (sighing longingly) How enjoyable was it?

And then the wedding happens – the traditions bore you for an hour, your brother gets married, and you eat far more food than you can handle just so that you can feign illness and not go to the college next day. And just like that, it’s all over.

With the assumption that I have proved my point, I’ll get on with my narrative.

Though not always true, planning trips are almost as fun as the trips themselves. I still remember the all-nighters we pulled fantasizing the trip…

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The Travelling Ambivert

I haven’t been able to conjure up any catchy names for this post, so “Mumbai” it will remain.

(There is a very high possibility that any Mumbaikar reading this would promptly throw away his/her phone in disgust by the deep understanding of Mumbai that I pompously proclaim to have obtained in my three-day visit. You would be right too. It is easy for anyone to look at something and string two words together derogating it but living it is an entirely different thing. However, I have a bad habit of writing down what I feel. So, I request you to please ignore my ignorance and move on.)

From my previous post, you would have understood the awe that I had for Mumbai. It’s culture, it’s buildings, it’s people, and all and sundry. Experiencing all these firsthand has given me an extremely different perspective. All that talk about Bombay being…

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